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Patch Notes v1.4

top troops version 1.4.

Changes in the Summoning Pit:

We’ve been reading your feedback and would like to introduce some changes we think you’ll love and will help you get multiple copies of your most desired units:

  • From now on, all Legendary units will be present in every Summon.

  • Make your wishes come true! A new Wishlist in the Essential Summon will allow you to pick 5 Legendary units per faction and make them the most likely to show up in your Summoning Pit! This will allow you not only to collect that unit you’ve been hoping to get, but also to rank up the ones you really, really want to have in your main army!

  • The free unit you get as Legendary Redemption every 50 summons is about to get even better: You’ll be able to choose the unit you want from between two options! Not happy with any of the two? Then you can use some Gems to re-roll, discard those two, and see another two options!

New Features:

  • Magical Ascension Items:

  • These “wildcards” will appear in pieces or whole. You can use Magical Ascension Items to ascend units in the Ascension Hall without the need to fill in the specific unit requirements. Thanks to these Magical Ascension Items, you’ll have more freedom when deciding which unit you want to rank up.

  • New Quests:

  • Access precious rewards through the brand new Legendary Quests! You’ll need to work hard if you want to make it to the final battles of the quests,  as you will only be allowed to bring your Legendary units of specific factions or archetypes into the battlefield. Do you think you can make it?

New in Battle Challenges:

  • Battle Challenges are about to become more competitive! Improving your army will be the key to accessing these challenges at higher difficulties , or ‘Divisions’, but higher Divisions offer something else: better rewards! Your Division is determined by the total Army Power of the strongest 12 units in your kingdom. Once you’ve started a Battle Challenge, you’ll stay in your Division until the end of it. Look out for the next Battle Challenge and see what’s waiting for you!

Battle bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Girtablilu’s Protector Of Temples skill has been fixed. It will now correctly increase the unit’s Critical Chance.

  • Sometimes, Ose’s Duke Of Claws skill, which boosted its Damage stat while Enraged, failed to trigger after performing Great President Of Hell. This has been fixed.

  • Sometimes, Blazing Champion failed to injure enemy Blazing Champions with her Underdog KO skill. This has been fixed.

  • The limit to the Damage buff that El Bandolero’s Losing a Compadre skill had was not being applied, this has been fixed.

Economy Changes

  • In recent changes we have introduced new events with the Battle Challenges and the Giant Hunt that have reduced the frequency of the Magic Island. In order to avoid any impact on the completion of the Royal Season, we have removed the Magic Island mission from the upcoming pass that starts on the 11th of March. Moreover, we have added one new step in the “Arena Duelist” and “Pit Summoner” Missions,  so you can still get the Season Points needed to complete the Royal Season.