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Here comes Toad Druid! ­čÉŞ

Bouncing through the snow, on a one-toad open sleigh! OÔÇÖer the hills he goes, killing all the- What? ArenÔÇÖt those the lyrics? Anyway, Toad Druid has arrived in KingÔÇÖs Bay right in time for the holidays!

  • Story:

Toad Druids are the union between a clan of brilliant yet very tiny and fragile druids and a knot of the dumbest yet toughest toads you'll ever meet. Thanks to this alliance, the druids can survive in the wilderness and control the creatures who would otherwise be their predators. What do the toads get out of this pact? Nothing, but they'll never reflect on it ÔÇö poor, stupid, stupid things.

  • Battle Tips:

    • When the battle starts, Toad Druids immediately jump to the enemy backline and deal a massive area-of-effect stomp attack to enemies underneath them. Take that into account when you place them on the battlefield!

    • They are great against Mages and Ranged units, especially multipopulation ones.

    • Keep them away from Frontliners who can take them out and Poison cleansers who will undo all their work!

  • Skills:

    • Bounce!: When the battle starts, Toad Druid jumps to the opposite side of the battlefield. On landing, he creates an Area that will Stun enemies for 1 second, pushing them back and dealing 25% of his Damage to them.

    • Indigestion: Every 5 seconds, the Toad will spit out a cloud of poisonous gas in front of itself, applying Poison to enemies inside the cloud's radius.

    • Raining Frogs: The duration of the Stun applied by Bounce! will increase.

    • Slip 'n' Slide:The radius of the Indigestion Poison cloud will increase.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 867,598

    • Damage: 207,701