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Who brought a Werewolf to King’s Bay?! 🎃🐺

werewolf top troops unit

It was the King’s first Halloween party and he asked everyone in King’s Bay to contribute something. The Swordsmen carved some pumpkins, the orcs brought a whole lot of candy worms (though they wiggled a bit too naturally to be candy...), the Necromancer Rat arrived with a bunch of skulls (we don't want to ask where he got them from), … but then, the Elemental Witch with al Werewolf. A real Werewolf.

Who brings a real Werewolf to a Halloween party?! He's going to eat everything! Luckily, he’ll be handy to have around if we ever need to go into battle which, let’s be honest, happens a lot in King’s Bay.

  • This melee unit gets stronger with every enemy he defeats, so get him close to multipopulation enemies and he’ll get pumped up really quick.

  • The Werewolf is also a great ally against Frost Widow. He’ll deal a lot of damage for the Clan!