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So... What happened in King's Bay before all this started?

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Long ago, King’s Bay was a picturesque kingdom, renowned for its stunning landscapes and thriving trade routes. Under the benevolent rule of King Wallace III, the realm enjoyed a golden era of prosperity and peace, as he governed with impartiality, integrity, the full backing of his army, and the acceptance of all the factions that inhabited the realm.

However, when he passed away, he left a gaping void, which was to be filled by his two sons. Although the older had claim to the throne, the younger brother was convinced he was the rightful heir, and his greed and ambition soon drove a wedge between them.

After the older brother’s coronation, fueled by resentment and envy, the younger brother fled the kingdom, vowing to return one day and seize the throne by force. At first, his absence was dismissed as a tantrum, but soon, mysterious disappearances began to plague King’s Bay.

People and creatures vanished without a trace, leaving a trail of fear and confusion in their wake, and rumors of dark magic and evil sorcery began to circulate.

It wasn't until recently that the truth finally came to light. King Wallace’s younger son had returned, and with him came an army of brainwashed squads, all under his thrall. He had been using dark magic to possess and control his captives, turning them into his obedient pawns.

Now, our once peaceful kingdom is on the brink of destruction. The dark army seems unstoppable, and the fate of our land hangs in the balance. Now, the rightful King must rally the factions of King’s Bay, take a stand against the forces of darkness, and admit that he needs help bringing his dispersed troops together. The King needs a Commander!