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Watch out: Girtablilu stings! 🦂

Girtabilu Unit Top Troops

This ancient protector has been freed from his guard duties, meaning he’s looking for a new job, preferably one that doesn’t tie him down to a tomb for centuries, please and thank you.

  • Story:

Girtablilu was the guard of Sekhmet's mortuary temple, so imagine his joy when Sekhmet was summoned from the dead by the authorities of King's Bay. Now he gets to do new things! He gets to attack, talk to people, go to places! Do you have any idea how boring it is to stand at the entrance of a tomb for centuries?!

  • Battle Tips:

    • Girtablilu will automatically target the support unit with the highest health, make sure you use him against powerful healers like Water Maiden, Cleric or Verleaf. Their healing power comes from their Max Health stat, so decreasing that will also cripple their healing potential.

    • Like other ranged units, Girtablilu is vulnerable to Assassins that can attack at close range. His special skill, which focuses on healers and tanks and does not usually target those units with high damage. Make sure you protect him with a nearby Tank or Mage.

  • Skills:

    • The Blessing of Serket: Every 5 seconds, Girtablilu will direct a projectile to the Support unit with the highest Health in his range, creating an area that deals Damage and applies 25 stacks of Injury

    • Protector of Temples: Increases the radius of The Blessing of Serket

    • Scorpion Tail: The number of Injury stacks applied by The Blessing of Serket increases

    • Hawkeye: Increases Critical Chance and Critical Damage

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 334,645

    • Damage: 103,221