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Version 0.21 - What's new?

Patch notes 0.21

Good day, Commander!

This new version of Top Troops introduces some changes in the distribution of resources. Find them all here!

Arena Medals and Market - More Arena Medals after every battle in lower Leagues - More Gold and Squad Coins in the Arena Market packs - Common and Rare units leave the Arena Market, because they're everywhere else!

Level-Up Materials - Legendary Level-Up Materials become more exclusive. To get them, you'll have to go higher in Tower Rankings and grab every opportunity to obtain them in Quests!

Talent Trees - Building the Squads' Talent Trees fully will take you slightly longer. The number of Emblems needed to learn some of the last few Talents will increase.

... and something sweet! - Divine Particles are Divin-er! The amount of Squad Coins dropped by Particles has tripled!