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Version 0.18.1 - What's New

Top Troops - Patchnotes v.18.1 asset

Great news, Commander!

As you already know, when the lights go out every night in Top Troops, our engineers sneak in and work all across King’s Bay to bring you the improvements you want and need!

V0.18.1 is here with new and exciting improvements!

  • Adventure Map + New Star System: More battles await you now in the Adventure Map. And that’s not all: with the new star system, no efforts must be spared; the better you do in battle, the bigger the rewards!

  • Improved Inbox and Inventory: Find what you’re looking for more easily!

  • Battle screen filters: Deploying the right units for every battle is now easier and faster.

  • Visual improvements: Painters and landscapers have worked hard. Interior designers too, check out the new battle backgrounds in the Towers!

  • Bug fixes: Berserker’s “Whirlwind” skill was affecting more units than expected. We’ve sat down with him and he’s promised to behave now.

  • More bug fixes and improvements to make your playing experience the best it can be.

Rejoice and share the news, Commander. Get ready to update your Top Troops game! Rally your troops and keep fighting for the Kingdom!