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Turn the volume up for Inferno Shredder!

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Infernal riffs to give hell to all your enemies: Here comes Inferno Shredder!


Inferno Shredder's parents were pacifists so when he was little, they gave him a guitar instead of toy weapons. Unfortunately, as their baby grew up, his passion for fighting grew too, so he begged the King to accept him in his army even though he had no fighting training. Turns out he's a great asset! His scorching riffs fire up all other units in battle—until he starts playing power ballads.

Battle Tips:

  • Inferno Shredder can increase the damage and defense of allies nearby him. He can also help and burn some objectives, so other units can take advantage in battle.

  • Inferno Shredder has a long range, so you can pair him alongside other Ranged or Mage units to boost their defense and increase their damage.


  • Shredder’s Riff: Every 8 seconds, Inferno Shredder will create an area of radius 3 around himself to boost his allies' damage. The boost will be doubled if there is at least one burnt enemy.

  • Infernal Soul: Increases the radius of Shredder’s Riff.

  • Keep Them Aware: Unlocks a permanent area of radius 3 that increases allies' defense.

  • Inferno Slap: Regular attacks have a chance of spawning an area of radius 2.5 that burns enemies.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 1,041,118

  • Damage: 16,461