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Patch Notes v1.5.6


New features

If you’re above level 12, you can now easily edit and switch between 5 available battle rosters in the following game modes: Adventure, Quests, Arena, Ancient Battles (separate  for each), Tower of Fate and Tower of Factions. Save different armies and adapt more easily to any enemy that dares challenge you!

Economy Changes

  • There was an error in the Chambers of Destiny  related to its  difficulties and army variations. More specifically, the difficulty of the last 3 tiers of chambers was identical due to a mistake in the maximum rank of enemies of each tier. This has been fixed and the compositions in the last 3 tiers of Chambers of Destiny have been optimized to ensure that more diverse armies appear.

  • We are very happy to have introduced Wild Fragments in our latest update. Now we go a step further and have started creating the first sources where you’ll be able to obtain them: Find Legendary Wild Fragments in Legendary Quests.

  • Many of you have been concerned about the scarcity of Epic Level-Up Materials in the game. Therefore, in our latest update, we are adding all Epic Materials to the Retirement Shop. Simply go there, buy the one you’re looking for, and get your units to the next level!

Battle Changes

We are changing how units pick their targets in the battle. So far, units updated their target every 0.25s to aim for the closest unit. From now on, units will stay with their target until one of the following events happen:

  • Their target dies

  • Their current target leaves their range

  • A new unit is spawned and it’s the closest target to the attacking unit

  • A unit teleports and it’s the closest target from the unit

  • A unit stops being invisible and it’s the closest target from the unit

This change aims to make battles more stable and predictable for you so your strategies can shine!

Battle Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • A bug has been fixed that affected the following units and made them attack twice as slow as their indicated Attack Speed: Bandolero, Explorabbit, Blazing Champion, Merman, MrBeast.

  • Juggernaut was raising the Block Chance of allies multiple times even though the effect shouldn’t stack.

  • Frozen Heart’s Biting Cold skill was dealing damage only once, instead of every second while the units are frozen.

  • Hermes’ Electrocute effect lasted indefinitely instead of 10 seconds.

  • Crabomancer’s Mystic Shell failed to decrease the Movement Speed of enemies.

  • Some players got stuck in a battle when a Ninja Mole did not spawn back after digging.

  • El Bandolero’s Damage buff limit was not being applied.

  • Sekhmet’s Golden Aegis’ cooldown was not affected by Cooldown Gear.

  • Trickster’s Hocus Pocus raised his defense by 25% at level 2 when it should have been 15%.