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Patch Notes v1.5.5


Economy Changes

Legendary Fragments

  • Although Fragments was an addition that we were excited about, it hasn’t been perceived with the same excitement by Commanders. One of the main things we have noticed in our social channels is that you don't think you're getting enough of them. For that reason, now the Summoning Pit will drop a minimum of 5 Fragments, with a maximum of 15 instead of a maximum of 5 Fragments, as it was before. This change applies to both Epic and Legendary Fragments in all the Summons in the Summoning Pit.

Epic Drops in Chests

  • With this change, we expect the inflows of Epic units to increase a lot. For that reason, we are reducing the probability of Epic units appearing in Knight Chests from 1% to 0.5% and in King Chests from 5% to 2%.

Gear Tools

  • One of the other things that you have been asking  for is to obtain more Tools from dismantling Gear. Now, dismantling of:

    • Rare Gear will give a minimum of 2 Tools (previously 1 Tool)

    • Epic Gear will give a minimum of 5 Tools up (previously 2 Tools)

    • Legendary Gear will give a minimum of 10 tools (previously 2 Tools)

With this change, we hope to encourage you to experiment with new Gear pieces without having to think twice about dismantling Gear that is not useful to you.

Battle Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Juggernaut applied the Block Chance buff to allies multiple times, stacking it. From now on, it should be a flat increase throughout the battle.

  • Frozen Heart’s Biting Cold skill stopped applying periodic damage after only one second. Now it should last for as long as the unit is frozen by the effects of Frozen Heart’s skills.

  • Crabomancer’s Mystic Shell skill was not decreasing the Movement Speed of enemies that stepped in it.