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Prove your worth in new Battle Challenges!

Only the best Commanders can help King’s Bay prevail against the Dark Army, and the King is looking for the cream of the crop! So, what better than some… friendly competition to encourage everyone to step up their troops? Say hello to new Battle Challenges!⚔️ From now on, in the Battle menu, you will see a new “Quests & Events” button, which will open the Quests map. In it, you will now be able to find regular Quests and new Battle Challenges, which you will be able to differentiate based on their icons and headers.

What are Battle Challenges? Battle Challenges are a special type of competitive event where you’ll spend Energy to fight and achieve the highest total score across all Stages of the Challenge. You’ll be able to compete against other Commanders in three different Difficulty Tiers! The battles will also include specific Unit boosts, status effects applied from the beginning of the battle, as well as other rules to keep battles exciting. Across the several Difficulty Tiers, you’ll also find that each Tier will have specific Army requirements. Lastly, similar to Quests, Battle Challenges will also be time-limited, so you’ll need to fine-tune your winning strategy for each Battle Challenge to come out on top! And, of course, such incredible Challenges will come with equally incredible rewards! These will be based on the Stages you have cleared, the difficulty Tiers in which you cleared them, and your final position in the final ranking at the end of the event. Battle Challenges will be unlocked after reaching Player Level 12.

How is the score calculated in the Battle Challenges Rankings?

To reach the highest places in the Battle Challenges Rankings, you’ll need to be the best on all fronts! Your score per Stage will be based on several factors:

  • The Stage level

  • How long it takes you to clear it

  • How much HP your Army had remaining after victory

The sum of all the scores obtained per Stage in each Difficulty Tier will determine the total score per Tier. Clearing Stages in the higher Difficulty Tiers will grant you more points per Stage, but the easier Tiers will allow you to clear higher Stages as well! You’ll need to strategize to get the most points! At the end of the event, your total final score will be a sum of the scores you obtained across the three Difficulty Tiers.

What kind of rewards will Battle Challenges give? You will earn tons of rewards during each Battle Challenge! You’ll receive rewards each time you clear or replay a Stage, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to use Autowin tickets to replay them. In addition, every time you complete all the Stages in a Difficulty Tier, you’ll earn special rewards for it. And, of course, at the end of the event, you will get specific rewards depending on your position on the final Event Leaderboard.