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Proudly serving: Rainbow Chariot

Rainbow Chariot

You’d think it’s here to spread love, but the Rainbow Chariot is quite lethal!


Remember when the King's not-so-beloved brother dyed all of our neighboring regions dark, accidentally giving birth to a new Adventure Map? Back then, he made it clear that he hates colors, so now, King's Bay is about to counterattack with a whole lotta those! The hunters have dusted off the old pride float and turned it into the Rainbow Chariot, the deadliest weapon against everyone who wants to make the world dark!

Battle Tips:

- Rainbow Chariot can fill the map with areas that crystallize enemies. Remember that Crystallize duplicates the highest damage an enemy has received during the time it’s been applied, so make sure to pair the Chariot with units that can deal lots of damage in one hit.

- This unit is a great counter to Melee, Support, and Frontline units. Protect it from Assassins and Ranged units to make sure it lives to do its job!


  • Sparkling Pride: Rainbow Chariot shoots 3 projectiles in a random direction, dealing damage in an area.

  • Missing Queen: Increases Rainbow Chariot's Critical Damage and Critical Chance.

  • Death Drop: Increases the radius of Sparkling Pride.

  • Spilling The Tea: Sparkling Pride has a chance to create an area that will apply Crystallize to enemies inside it.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 247,847

  • Damage: 247,850