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Patch Notes v.1.2.5

TT - Website 1.2.5

Battle Balancing Changes

We have made the following changes to the battle:

  • Light-weight units won’t be pushed back as much as they did before.

  • Regeneration Status Effect: As you might have noticed, some defenses become very hard to beat when you face multiple healing units and tanks. We tried to mitigate this experience with the past changes applied to the Injury effect, and by giving the Valkyrie an attack that can apply Injury.  Although it seems it’s helping, we consider that is not enough. Therefore, we are reducing the amount of healing that Verleaf will do with its Healing Growth skill by half. With this change and the aforementioned changes to the Injury effect, we expect you to find multiple ways to surpass this strategy without completely annulling it.

  • Storm & Ember Elemental: Although both of these units can make a battle shift, their survivability rate is quite low compared to that of other Mages. For this reason, we have given them a bit more range so that they can attack from behind other units.

  • Storm range increases from 4 to 8.

  • Ember Elemental range increases from 4  to 8

Battle bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed

  • Pyromaniac’s Famous Last Boom and Orc Rider’s Concussion Charge push effects stayed on the field for a long time and pushed units back multiple times. This has been fixed and they should only have effect once.

  • Oni Warrior: Fixed a bug with the King of Fighters skill. When unlocking the skill at level 60, it added a 100% extra damage increase instead of 10%, making the skill go from 110 to 150% instead of the expected 10-50%. Due to this, his base damage was double compared with the rest of the Melee units. We have adjusted the skill so that he remains one of the strongest units in the roster but at a reasonable distance.

  • Storm: Fixed a bug that caused Storm to die if the target of her Raiu skill died before impact.

  • Rage: Fixed a bug where Verleaf, Leshy, and Elemental Witch were not getting Rage buff.

Other bug fixes

Corrupted Tower: Fixed an issue with minion towers on the pre-battle phase that caused some crashes.