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En guardia, El Bandolero! ⚔️

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El Bandolero is famous for all the gold he's stolen thanks to his remarkable swordplay — but also for all the hearts he's stolen thanks to his smooth talk and the outrageous amount of cologne he wears. In spite of being easily distracted by beauty, fellow hunters admire El Bandolero: He'll never think twice before jumping into a fight to help a comrade.

  • Story:

Who hides behind the mask? Who is El Bandolero? To other outlaws, he's a generous comrade; to wealthy noblemen, he's the thief who assaulted their houses and took their gold; and to many, many lovers, he's the man they let in one night only to find him gone before the sun came out, leaving behind nothing but the scent of his cologne.

  • Battle Tips:

    • El Bandolero is a very powerful unit in the mid to late phases of the battle, after he's been able to buff his damage.

    • Try to keep him safe in the beginning so that he can become very dangerous later on, but don’t position him too far back so that he can cause massive harm to your enemies during his Last Man Standing phase.

    • He is an ideal counter against enemies who can poison, as his damage output will increase even more when someone tries to poison him. He is also immune to any damage caused by poison.

    • El Bandolero becomes empowered by the pain of losing his friends in battle. Every time an entity in his army that is not a spawned unit dies, their death will fuel his health and strength to unseen levels. Match him with units with multiple entities that can die quickly to push this effect.

  • Skills:

    • Losing a Compadre: Every time an entity on El Bandolero’s army that is not a spawned unit dies, his damage increases up to a threshold of 400%.

    • Steel Your Heart: When an entity on El Bandolero’s army that is not a spawned unit dies, he will heal by a percentage of his Maximum Health.

    • Critical Guts: If El Bandolero is poisoned, his Critical Chance will increase.

    • Last Man Standing: After 10 non-spawned entities in El Bandolero’s army have died, he will become invulnerable to damage and interrupting effects for some seconds. While Invulnerable, his Movement Speed will increase by 300% and his Attack Speed, by 35%.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 1,859,139

    • Damage: 314,814