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MrBeast is your new challenger!


MrBeast isn’t just like every other unit. He’s arrived in King’s Bay with his very own event, Battle Challenge, and Summon!

  • Story:

MrBeast is always up for a challenge and The King loves a unit who's up for a challenge. First, he challenged MrBeast to round up every chaotic Orc Rider in the same patch of land. He did it in 1 minute and 50 seconds. After that, he dared him to fly a Swordsman into the Yonder Yacht using a Catapult. Did it. Now The King has a new challenge for MrBeast: To join the army of King's Bay!

  • Battle Tips:

    • MrBeast is a multipopulation Melee unit. He helps others in battle by making the rival's attacks less effective against his comrades.

    • He's great against other Melee and Frontline units. Keep him away from Mages and Ranged units to increase his survivability.

  • Skills:

    • Millennial Growl: MrBeast will launch a cosmic growl, dealing damage to the closest enemy, then applying a debuff of 15% to the damage output of any enemy inside an area of height 2 and width 6 for 4 seconds.

    • Kindness All-Around: Creates a permanent area of radius 3 around MrBeast that increases allies' Block Chance. It can only be applied once.

    • Feel My Challenge: Millenial’s Growl reduces the damage of enemies inside the area. Each entity inside MrBeast Squad can stack this.

    • Unexpected Surprise: MrBeast’s Attack Speed will increase.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 1,735,196 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 2,602,794!)

    • Damage: 290,490 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 464,785!)

Click here to summon him now!