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Meet Eira in the Winter Wonderland! ❄️

Top Troops Eira

Eira has been away from King’s Bay for very long, but she’s made it home just in time for this year’s Winter Wonderland party! Eira loves a Christmas party, so she’s more than ready for the decorations, and the hot chocolate.

She’ll just have to refrain from using her ice shards to skewer marshmallows and roast them in the fire unless she wants to lose her weapons…

  • Story:

During her time as a spy in the Far North, Eira learned to craft daggers from ice, taught the local polar bears to play tic-tac-toe, and built herself a cabin from scratch. Just as she was starting to enjoy her new home, she received a message from the King: It was time to come back to the realm and join the Militia. Terrible timing. Wait until her bear friends hear the news...

  • Battle Tips:

    • Carefully think where you want to place Eira at the start of the battle: The first thing she’ll do is jump to mirror her initial position on enemy ground.

    • She’s great against Mages and Ranged units.

    • She can Freeze enemies, delaying their attacks.

  • Skills:

    • Tip of the Iceberg: At the start of the battle, Eira teleports to the opposite side of the battlefield, mirroring her initial position. Then, every 5 seconds, Eira will spawn an area of radius 2 that will freeze enemies.

    • Feel The North: Increases the area of the Tip of the Iceberg.

    • Cold Hearted: Increases Critical Chance against Frozen units.

    • Snow Camouflage: At the beginning of the battle, Eira becomes invisible.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 780,838

    • Damage: 270,640