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Looking sharp, Boomerang Mercenary! 🪃

Top Troops Boomerang Mercenary unit

Boomerangs are fun! Except when they’re bladed. That’s when they stop being fun… for most. Not for the Boomerang Mercenary, though, whose concept of fun always needs to include a blade or two.

  • Story:

This former member of the Royal Guard dropped out to go solo, but the Militia struggled without her incredible skills, so they begged her to come back. In the end, she accepted... on her own terms: no more uniform, no sword, a lifetime supply of hairspray, and her own custom weapon: a unique, bladed, steel boomerang!

  • Battle Tips:

    • The Boomerang Mercenary attacks slowly but surely, dealing high damage to targets.

    • She’s great against Melee and multipopulation units.

    • She also has the ability to reduce the amount of healing enemies can receive, making her a good ally against teams with many healers.

    • Protect her as much as you can from Assassins to ensure her survival.

  • Skills:

    • There and Back Again: Every 6 seconds, Boomerang Mercenary will throw a boomerang aiming for the enemy furthest from her and return, dealing extra damage.

    • Ok, Boomerang: Units hit by There And Back Again will heal less from healing skills for 6 seconds.

    • All in the Wrist: Increases Max Range.

    • Return Policy: Whenever There and Back Again hits the same unit twice, the second hit will decrease the unit's defense.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 334,645

    • Damage: 257,801