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Looking precious, Amethyst Aegis!

Amethyst Aegis

Have you ever heard of The Brotherhood of the Amethyst? If you hadn’t, this will be the first time, but not the last! Meet the first of its members here, and also the first unit who can apply a new status effect: Amethyst Aegis!


Aegis was a humble gardener when he met a witch from a foreign land called Wanda. She told him she could see a sparkle within him, and that she could turn that sparkle into magic thanks to the powers of the Amethyst. Aegis didn't understand a single thing Wanda had said, but he was bored that afternoon, so he followed her. Years later, he became a member of the Brotherhood founded by her, and the first Knight of the Amethyst, the very first unit with the power of Crystallization. Wanda must have been right about that sparkle!

Battle Tips:

  • First of all, what does Crystallization do?! It's a mean effect... It settles on a unit for a specific time and then duplicates the highest damage the unit has received during that time. Deadly! This means you should place Aegis next to units that can deal huge damage at once, like Oni Warrior or Bloodlust Bullet, so he can apply double the damage when the status ends.

  • Amethyst Aegis will be the one who receives enemies' attention while other units can deal damage.

  • Amethyst Aegis will be able to reduce the Block Chance of enemy units, making your Ranged and Mage units more effective.


  • Crystal Barrier: Amethyst Aegis will invoke a crystal barrier that will apply Crystallized to any unit near the invoked crystal for 4 seconds.

  • Reflective Shine: Amethyst Aegis will increase the Block Chance of his allies in a radius of 3 around him.

  • Gemstone Fortress: Amethyst Aegis' Defense increases.

  • Amethyst Ward: Crystal Barrier reduces enemy Block Chance. Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 2,565,611 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 3,848,417!)

  • Damage: 41,831