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Long live Sekhmet!


All Sekhmet wanted was to rest for eternity after a more than active life as the protector of an empire. But the thing with heroes is that everyone wants them by their side. Always. Eternally!


Sekhmet was the protector of an empire millennia ago. She saved the people from invasions, freed them of countless plagues, and, when her job was done, she was buried with perfumed oils and riches. She'd been promised an eternity-long vacation, so why has she been summoned to this weird King's Bay place?! She didn’t sign up for this!

Battle Tips:

  • Sekhmet's goal isn't to harm its enemies. She will stay where you spawn her and release healing waves across the battlefield.

  • Her Golden Aegis skill casts a shield on the ally with the highest damage output. This is an incredibly powerful tool to protect your single-population melee units.

  • She can't protect herself, so keep her far from Assassins and make sure you find other ways to protect her so that she lasts long in battle!

  • Sekhmet will follow the closest ally unit at the start of the battle, so position her so she can support the group of units you want to protect.


  • Healing Wave: Sekhmet's regular attack will be a wave of radius 3 around her that will heal allies. The wave's speed will be based on Sekhmet's Attack Speed.

  • Piercing Light: Healing Wave’s radius increases.

  • Ra’s Blessing: Sekhmet's Block Chance increases.

  • Golden Aegis: Every 10 seconds, Sekhmet will cast a shield around the ally with the highest attack stat.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 1,769,900

  • Damage: 0