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Leshy’s here, and he’s terrifying 🍃

Top Troops Leshy

You won’t see Leshy casually hanging out with other units or walking around the town in King’s Bay. He doesn’t come out of the forest often. And even in the forest, it’s hard to notice his presence. You’ll most likely only hear the crackling sound of dry leaves and feel a cold gust of wind. And then,... then you won’t feel anything at all.

  • Leshy targets low-health enemies. Thanks to his area-of-effect damage, Leshy is lethal against multi-population units.

  • His special skill allows him to be reborn once after being killed. He will respawn away from the place where he died with an increased Attack Speed.

  • Careful with fast-attacking Assassins if you have Leshy on your team! They are his weak spot.