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Fly in, Hermes!

Hermes 1920x1080

After delivering 7 messages between the Divines and the Militia and losing about 8, Hermes is ready to join the fight. Let’s hope he’s better at fighting than at his actual job.

  • Story:

Ah, good ol' reliable Hermes... You can always count on him to deliver your packages on time, right? Wrong. His organizational skills might be subpar, but his unannounced appearances certainly pack an electrifying punch!

  • Battle Tips:

    • Try to aim Hermes’ initial teleport toward the spot on the battlefield where it can hit more enemies to increase its damage potential.

    • The area left behind by I Have Arrived will linger there for 6 seconds, and can remain electrocuted for up to 20 seconds. However, Hermes will not trigger the area a second time, so the initial positioning of the unit is key.

    • Pair Hermes up with units that benefit from electrocuted enemies, such as Storm, who can deal heavy damage to all electrocuted units at once with her Doudensei skill.

  • Skills:

    • I Have Arrived: At the beginning of the battle, Hermes will teleport to the other side of the battlefield and create an area. Enemies inside this area will be Electrocuted

    • Urgent Message: Hermes will become invisible after teleporting.

    • Gotta Go: Hermes' Critical Chance against Electrocuted units increases.

    • Afterimage: The radius of the area created by I Have Arrived will expand.

  • Stats at level 200:

    • Health: 694,078

    • Damage: 180,511

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