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Tower of Fate background

Your new competitive game mode is here! Battle your way up the Tower of Fate and the Tower of Factions and win battles by adjusting to every floor's restrictions. You’ll win floor rewards as well as improving your position in the rankings! As you reach higher positions, the rewards you'll access when the Towers close will be increasingly juicy. Make sure you rank high at the end of the Season — the prizes for top scorers include dozens of Summon Shards, Gems, and more! Interested in the treasures? Then start your journey up the Towers:

  • The Tower of Fate lasts one week. After 7 days, you'll claim your ranking rewards and start over!

  • The Tower of Factions is a more complex challenge with tougher restrictions so you have one full month to climb as high as you can: see how far you can go with units from only two different factions every Season!