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Buzz in, Beekeeper!


This peculiar wizard uses his arcana powers to control bees to use them in battle. Some people say that his skills have a sweet, sweet smell.


As a child, the Beekeeper read too many comic books. He thought that, if he got bitten by a bionic bee, he'd become Bee-Man. All he got was an itchy bite, but instead of giving up, he went in a different direction: he learned to control the bees and use them as weapons!

Battle Tips:

  • If you position the Beekeeper well, he can stack Poison on enemy units and he'll keep going on, and on, and on! Match him with other Poisonous units to create a deadly zone for your enemies.

  • The Beekeeper is a specialist against Frontliners, who he'll target from the back of your field like the Mage he is.

  • Assassins, Multipopulation units, and Ancients will make quick work of the Beekeeper if you don't protect him well.


  • Sweet Nectar: The Beekeeper will summon a bee to swarm the enemy with the highest Health, however far they are, for some seconds. During 4 seconds, that bee will apply 3 poison stacks every second. If an enemy already has a bee swarming them, the Beekeeper will try to aim for another enemy.

  • Blossom Aroma: The Beekeeper will be surrounded by a permanent area of radius 3.5 that will boost the Attack Speed of allies inside it.

  • Shake Shake Shake: The chance of summoning two bees during the Sweet Nectar skill will increase. Each bee will aim for a different unit.

  • Bee Scared: Any unit affected by Sweet Nectar will also have their Defense decreased for the duration of the skill, which can be stacked.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 297,462 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 401,574!)

  • Damage: 185,914 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 254,082!)