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Both a posh boy and a pirate: It's Swashbuckler!


A bit too polished for a pirate, a bit too adventurous for the country club... Meet Swashbuckler! This buccaneer has plenty of experience from fighting across the many islands of the South Seas, and now he's arrived in King's Bay to offer his services to you, Commander!


According to Calypso, these buccaneers are in fact wealthy men who chose piracy for the sake of adventure, but you can tell by their accents and their exaggerated chivalry that they weren't born into that kind of life. The way they wield their swords gives them away: Those are fencing moves, you country club posh boys!

Battle Tips:

- Match Swashbuckler with units that can apply poison or position him against single-population units to benefit from his multiple entities.

- When he finds a weak enemy and kills them, he can poison nearby enemies, so he can boost himself against upcoming enemies affected by that poison.


  • Riposte: Swashbuckler will perform 2 single attacks, each dealing 60% of his Damage. Then, he'll release a projectile that will travel at a Speed of 10 for some seconds. The projectile deals 25% Area Damage to all units that come into contact with it in a radius of 2.

  • Toxine Tip: Swashbuckler's Damage increases, and now Riposte deals double the damage if the unit it hits is Poisoned. This applies to both the area damage and single attacks in Riposte.

  • Unexpected Swing: Swashbuckler’s Health increases.

  • Scurvy Spread: When Swashbuckler kills an enemy, this will release an area of Radius 2 that will apply 1 stack of Poison for some seconds.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 1,804,308

  • Damage: 267,090