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“Boom!” goes Explorabbit!


Explorabbits are in charge of the Easter party in King’s Bay, but never leave a party in the hands of units who like to play with dynamite and sweets!


This squad was tasked with organizing "a booming egg hunt" and, boy, was it booming. There was chocolate everywhere: Not one building in King's Bay was left uncovered by it, and what's worse: the King's favorite mantle was ruined. That was the nail in the Explorrabbits' coffin: Never mess with the King! After their prank, they were sentenced to put those funny little skills of theirs at the service of the army.

Battle Tips:

  • Explorabbit will target Ranged and Mage units at the beginning of the battle.

  • Multipopulation units will find it hard to survive Explorabbit’s booming skills.

  • Mages and units with area damage can pose a threat to Explorabbit, so make sure to protect him from those!


  • Easter Joy: Every 6 seconds, Explorabbit will hide underground and plant eggs around him. Each egg will explode and affect an area radius of 2, dealing 30% of Explorabbit's damage output.

  • Digging Expert: After Easter Joy, the unit will become invisible for some seconds.

  • Bunny Bite: Explorabbit's Critical Chance increases.

  • Melting Chocolate: Easter Joy's egg explosion will Burn all enemies inside the area.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 594,924

  • Damage: 148,731