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Bloodlust Bullet is back for revenge!

Bloodlust Bullet

This unit and his family were banished centuries ago by King Allister V. However, times have changed, and so has King's Bay. The Bloodlust Clan (a very discreet name if they have any intention of hiding their vampire nature) is homesick and wants to live in King’s Bay again. Want to meet the first member of the clan?


Five centuries ago, after some hunters discovered his vampiric nature, Bloodlust Bullet and his family were banished from King's Bay. 500 years have gone by and Bloodlust Bullet is... well, he's still 30. But he's homesick too, so he's back and searching for: 1. the descendants of those traitor hunters, 2. a drink to quench his thirst, and 3. an apartment with thick curtains.

Battle Tips:

  • Bloodlust Bullet can apply Bitten. Bitten increases the chances of a unit receiving a critical hit by 1%, and can be stacked! So if you apply 20 stacks of Bitten to a unit, its chances of receiving a critical hit rise to 20%!

  • This unit can increase the damage your allies deal on critical hits by raising their Critical Damage, so position your Ranged units cleverly to take advantage of this.

  • Remember that Ancients are vulnerable to the Bitten effect, so use Bloodlust Bullet to boost the damage you deal to them.


  • Bullet Pirouette: Every 5 seconds, Bloodlust Bullet will shoot a bullet charged targetted at the enemy with the highest damage stat. This bullet will deal a percentage of Bloodlust Bullet’s Damage.

  • Demons Shall Lament: Bullet Pirouette will also apply stacks of Bitten for 4 seconds.

  • Overcompensating: Increases Bloodlust Bullet’s range.

  • All Together Now: There will be a permanent area of radius 3 around Bloodlust Bullet that will increase the Critical Damage of all allies inside it.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 247,856 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 334,645!)

  • Damage: 99,142 (add Talents and Gear to boost this stat up to 128,900!)