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A toast to Spirited Tiger!

Spirited Tiger

We know where you celebrate your victories after every battle, Tiger…


Spirited Tiger has all the qualities of a great master: Unpredictable (he has no idea what he's doing), elusive (he's good at hiding — at the tavern), agile (he wouldn't stand still, even if he tried), and loyal (to the bartender).

Battle Tips:

  • Place him in the front of the battle so enemies target him and he can rebound as many attacks as possible.

  • Spirited Tiger will heal every time he triggers the Sip of Victory skill, so equipping him with Gear that will decrease his cooldown can improve his survivability.

  • He cannot reflect Area of Effect damage, so use units like Berserker to counter him safely.


  • Sip of Victory: Spirited Tiger will drink from his gourd to heal himself by 30% of his Max Health. Afterwards, he will gain the ability to rebound incoming single-target melee damage for 6 seconds. He can't reflect area damage.

  • Hangover Style: Spirited Tiger will increase his Defense.

  • Reflect Palm: While the effects of the Sip of Victory are active, Spirited Tiger will have a chance of rebounding incoming projectiles back with 25% of their original damage. Rebounded projectiles don't deal damage to Spirited Tiger.

  • Lotus Of Water: Spirited Tiger will have an area around him that will grant allies inside it, including himself, Immunity to Stun.

Stats at level 200:

  • Health: 2,565,611

  • Damage: 27,887