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Version 1.1.0 - Patch notes

Top Troops version 1.1.0

New features

  • Battle Challenges: Gear up for the ultimate showdown in Top Troops' groundbreaking events: Battle Challenges! Win the most coveted rewards in the game, like Celestial and Legendary Summoning Shards, Gems, or Chests, among others.  For the first time ever, dive into limited-time battles where Commanders vie for the top spot on the leaderboard. With varied themes, levels, adversaries, and unique battle conditions, each challenge promises a thrilling test of skill.

To reign supreme and secure the highest score, you must unleash your strategic prowess and conquer every stage in three different difficulties: Rare, Epic and Legendary tiers.  In each ranking, scores are the sum of all individual stages. To be the best, you will need to beat the enemy in the shortest time possible, avoid getting your units killed and pass all stages. It's time to strategize, adapt, and dominate to emerge victorious in this epic competition!

  • Auto button in Towers: The Tower of Fate and the Tower of Factions are two of your favorite game modes. However, going through the lower floors and adapting to the different restrictions there can sometimes feel a bit slow. After reading your suggestions, in this version, we've decided to introduce the 'auto' button in both towers.

Now, clearing the lower floors will be a matter of seconds for experienced Commanders with high Army Power. Yet, remember, 'auto' is just an aid. Higher floors will still require you to think carefully: Your final positioning and precise choice of each unit are what will guarantee your success!

  • Royal Draw: Our Royal Draw has received a significant upgrade. Now, you can draw Legendary units up to three times as the Royal Draw resets when the Legendary unit is obtained.

The number of units available in this feature has increased to address the difficulties to find copies of the same unit in the game.

Get ready for a thrilling twist! Units available in the Royal Draw will align with the most recent Celestial Summon releases like Thundershot, Oni Warrior, or Werewolf.

Economy Changes

  • Tweak to Battle Energy: Now, if you’re level 18 or higher, you can store up to 90 Battle Energy! If you’re level 35 or higher, you’ll see that the Energy also regenerates faster! With these changes, we aim to allow higher numbers of battles and rewards per day as you become more experienced and increase your Progression Level.

  • New costs for different nodes in Adventure: No battle in the Adventure map will cost more than 6 Battle Energy from now on! In accordance with the decrease in Energy costs, we have also adjusted the rewards of affected nodes. Together with the changes to Battle Energy, this is an invitation to play more battles and get rewards as you progress in Top Troops.

  • We have added a Legendary Chest in the Yonder Yacht’s Retirement Shop to enhance the value of retiring Common and Rare units! This will also help you find more Legendary units, both to collect new Squads and to ascend the ones you already have!

Battle Balancing Changes

  • Werewolf Health adjustment: We are happy that you appreciate the escalating power of the Werewolf. It’s incredible watching his damage potential grow as the battle progresses. However, this coupled with its healing ability results in a unit that is very hard to counter for any other unit in the game. In order to solve this, while keeping the spirit of the unit alive, we have decreased the base Health of the Werewolf by 10% so that he becomes more vulnerable at the beginning of battle. Make sure you counter him with units that are hard to kill so that he can’t power up or heal himself!

  • Dwarf Engineer’s “Hardware Upgrade” skill boost: We have heard your feedback about the recent bugs that have affected the performance of the Dwarf Engineer and, while all bugs should be solved with this version, we have decided to boost the damage potential of “Hardware Upgrade”. The maximum Damage Boost that the unit can receive now is back to 300% from the previous 150%. Let’s see if you can massacre the Ancients with this new power up!

Battle bug fixes

  • The following bugs in battle have been fixed:

  • Oni Warrior and Storm were applying the effects of their special skills to themselves in some specific circumstances. This no longer happens.

  • Dwarf Engineer’s spawned robots were not invulnerable for the first seconds after being created. This resulted in some of them exploding when being spawned right on an area of effect. All bugs with the Dwarf Engineer should now have been fixed.

  • Samurai’s Oni Giri area of effect was not affecting the enemies to the left that triggered the skill. It should now include them.

  • There was a bug that did not allow Defense to go below 0%. This has now been fixed. Burn should now also be able to decrease Defense below 0%. A unit with negative Defense will receive more than 100% of the Damage. For example, if a unit has -20% Defense, all incoming Damage will be 20% higher.