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Patch Notes v.1.3.0


New Features

  • The Giant Hunt: In this new event, you’ll be able to fight against a giant unit and compete to get the highest score, both individually and cooperatively along with all your clan mates.Strategize by boosting your stats and using Blessings,  and choose the units that will deal the highest damage to our super-sized villain!

  • Fragments: There is a new way to obtain your favorite heroes! You can now collect 100 Fragments of an Epic or Legendary unit and summon it. Go to the new Fragments tab in your Library to see the Fragments you currently own. You can collect these precious Fragments at the Summoning Pit. Check the Probabilities button to better understand your chances of obtaining them.

Economy Changes

  • To accommodate the arrival of  Unit Fragments, which will allow you to get more units more quickly,  we are adjusting the requirement for Ascension from rank 10 to rank 11. You’ll be asked for more copies of a unit to perform this step.

  • Now you can buy unlimited Energy Refills from the Shop! However, the cost of refills will increase with every other purchase, and the base cost of Battle Energy will go from 50 to 100 Gems.

Battle Improvements and Balancing Changes

We have made the following changes to battle mechanics:

  • A separate, yellow health bar will now appear on top of a unit's regular health bar to indicate its health when using a shield.

  • In order to increase the impact of Girtablilu in battle we have decided to implement the following:

    • His base Damage stat will increase from 410 to 512 (a 25% increase).

    • His skill “The Blessing of Serket” will not create an area upon impact, however it will still target the support unit with the highest Health, deal Injury and its Damage multiplier will become:

      • On level 1, The Blessing of Serket will deal 200% of Girtablilu’s base Damage instead of 20%

      • On level 2, 250% instead of 25%

      • On level 3, 300% instead of 30%

      • On level 4, 350% instead of 40%

      • On level 5, 400% instead of 50%

    • Girtablilu’s “Protector of Temples” skill will not boost “The Blessing of Serket” area radius anymore. It will increase his Critical Chance stat by the following:

      • On level 1, Girtablilu’s Critical Chance becomes 20%

      • On level 2, 30%

      • On level 3, 40%

      • On level 4, 50%

      • On level 5, 60%

    • Girtablilu’s “Hawkeye” skill will not boost Girtablilu’s Critical Chance by 50% anymore, only his Critical Damage.

    • We believe that these changes will allow Girtablilu’s ability to effectively deal with support units to shine by directing all his damage towards the target of “The Blessing of Serket”.

    • Verleaf’s base Health stat will decrease from 2800 to 2000 (-29% decrease).

  • Verleaf’s “Forest Protection” skill will be changed as follows:

  • At level 1, the Defense buff applied to allies will be 6% instead of 12%

  • At level 2, 7% instead of 14%

  • At level 3, 8% instead of 16%

  • At level 4, 9% instead of 18%

  • At level 5, 10% instead of 20%