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Patch Notes v1.3.5

top troops version 1.4.

New Ancient!

Meet Winged Sun, the Divine Ancient! Winged Sun will become part of your usual Ancient Battle rotation. Prepare your best team to face him! This angel boss will only take damage if your attacks are deserving of his attention, so make sure you read about his skills in-game!

Battle Balancing Changes

The following changes have been made to battle mechanics:

  • Frost Widow will now be vulnerable to poison, so bring your best poisoning squads to the Ancient Battle!

  • The Corrupted Tower will now be vulnerable to burn, so make sure you light up this Wildling Ancient!

  • Health values for both Frost Widow and Corrupted Tower have been adjusted.

  • We have established a limit to how much the Attack Speed of a unit can be decreased. From now on, reductions in Attack Speed will be limited to 50% per entity.

  • From now on, blessings in Chambers of Destiny with the same name that mentioned “Does not stack with other similar blessings.” will stack with similar blessings.

Battle bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Sometimes Ose was vulnerable to stun even if it was enraged after level 3. We have fixed this bug in Ose’s “Mysterious Operative” skill.

  • Holy Protector had the Talent Tree path of a Melee unit even though it was a Frontline. This has now been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug with Thundershot and other units that made them walk indefinitely after being frozen or stunned while trying to do their special attack.

  • Fixed a bug with the Samurai’s Oni Giri attack that was not spawning its area of effect in certain circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug with Vampire Queen that disabled her invisibility after her Vampire Bite.

We are happy to hear your feedback and constantly working on making the game more fun for everybody.